August 23, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Should Christians participate in the Passover and other Jewish feasts? (0:38)
  • How to respond to Annihilationist contention that so long as there is eternal hell the problem of sin never gets resolved, so annihilation of the wicked resolves the problem. (2:54)
  • Can a Christian lose salvation? (7:08)
  • Matthew 5:39 on resisting an evil person indicates Jesus was a 100% pacifist. Why do not American preachers teach this? (8:48)
  • Comment on contemporary Christian rock. Secularism creeping into the church? Hymns better represent worship of God? (20:55)
  • Is not Islam creeping in and taking over our country? (24:10)
  • Story of Bel and the Dragon in the Apocrypha and a literal dragon (27:09)
  • Man has been around 6000-years but the universe is older than that. But if we take the day in Genesis 1 as a 24-hour period that would suggest a young Earth (31:22)
  • Skeptic friend says that if the Bible was not so exclusive of indigenous peoples of ancient cultures that he would be willing to become a believer and more prone to what the Scriptures have to offer. Response? (39:08)
  • Clarify your statement on the Angel of the Lord and Melchizedek being examples of the preincarnate appearance of Jesus Christ. (45:57)