July 27, 2009

We are experiencing the devolution of Western Civilization that was built upon the DNA of the Bible. We are experiencing bondage in many realms. We are unaware of what’s is going on This is talked about in the Vishal Mangalwadi lectures “Must the Sun Set on the West” (0:44)


  • Friend from my Christian university days came out as gay. Says Matthew 19:12 supports idea that people are born gay and that makes it OK. How to respond? (3:52)
  • Must wife forgive her rapist? (10:37)
  • If all pastors have studied hermeneutics, why are there so many misinterpretations of the Scripture? (23:07)

Interview with Alex McFarland

  • What is so important and what is at stake in our culture if we who are Christians do not know what we believe and why we believe what we believe and who we believe? (27:36).
  • Hank and Alex discuss apologetics as pre-evangelism and post-evangelism. (32:06)


  • What about Replacement Theology? Jesus “coming” in AD 70? (40:08)
  • If we pay taxes and the funds used to support abortions are the tax-payers culpable for the sin? (40:11)