August 24, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Can anything involving human beings contain the inerrant Word of God? (0:48)
  • Ok for me, a female lay leader, to baptize a young gal I am discipling (4:46)
  • How do I know if I committed the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? (7:06)
  • What happened during the three days Jesus was in the grave? Was Jesus in paradise or hell? JW brother says Jesus ceased to exist. Correct? (10:11)
  • Helping a lady misled about the workings of the Holy Spirit after being influenced by Pensacola Outpouring (21:14)
  • Is going to church that practices speaking in tongues a deal breaker of deciding whether to attend and become a member? (38:59)
  • Why the Book of Enoch not included in the Canon of Scripture? (44:08)
  • Will Christians be judged for the actions? What will Christians give account of if all their sins are forgiven? (46:15)