August 26, 2010

Hank interviews Joe Dallas as well as answers questions. Hank and Joe discuss his timely article “The ‘Family’ Quarrel: Defining and Defending the Biblical Concept of Family” in the latest issue of the Christian Research Journal where he defines and defends the Biblical concept of the family. (0:49)

Questions / Comments

  • Genesis 6:3 on God’s spirit not remaining with man. Does this mean all life continues so long as God resides with us? (20:57)
  • I’ve been told there is no proof for the Exodus. Your take on that? (24:25)
  • The ram and the goat in the Book of Daniel refers to the time of Alexander the Great but how can that be? (28:27)
  • Proverbs 26:4-5 the sayings on answering a fool contradict? (40:12)
  • Will a Christian who commits suicide still go to heaven? (45:00)
  • Answering a 5-year-old child who asks, “Why did not Adam and Eve have last names?” (48:20)