August 31, 2010


  • Genesis 16 account of Abraham and Sarah using Hagar as a surrogate to bear an offspring, which then created problems with Hagar, her child Ishmael, and Sarah and Abraham. Do the same problems illustrated in the Bible repeat themselves with the modern use of surrogacy and IVF in modern times? (0:53)
  • I am becoming more Calvinist in my view, but I attend an AME [African Methodist Episcopal] church that has more a Wesleyan slant, but should I consider this a debatable issue? (4:10)
  • If people could not follow the Mosaic Law perfectly, how can we follow the sins prohibited in Galatians 5:19? (7:23)
  • On the 6th day of creation was it just Adam and Eve? When were the other races created?  (10:35)
  • What biblical support is there for charging people to cover the cost for all the ministry resources (books, tapes, etc.) given to them? (20:56)
  • Six-year-old child asks: Why does the Devil like darkness but the fire has light? (28:14)
  • What is the greater threats to church, from the heretical outsiders, like Mormonism, or the heretical insiders, like Joel Osteen? (38:55)
  • Studying the different views on interpreting the Book of Revelation. What distinguishes partial preterism and your Exegetical Eschatology (42:35)