September 8, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • What does Hebrews 7:3 tell us about Melchizedek? (0:35)
  • Did the Nephilim angels transform into humans to mate with human females? (6:08)
  • If there is freewill, why must there be sin for there to be freewill? (11:48)
  • Do you consider William Branham a false prophet? Why? (20:55)
  • Why is there less of a push to witness to Jewish people? Is it because they are Chosen? (28:48)
  • Did Job through his trials ever commit a sin against God? (39:11)
  • I have been taught about the protection of the blood of Christ upon believers, but I am trying to understand how is it that missionaries experience martyrdom? How do I feel protected when martyrdom happens?  (42:34)