September 15, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • What is your stance on the supposed apparitions of Mary at Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugorje? (0:34)
  • What about the validity of the Azusa Street Revival? (7:36)
  • Harold Camping w/ Family Radio and May 21, 2011 prediction? (12:36)
  • No sea in Revelation 21 but what happens to the sea creatures? (22:06)
  • Explain Jesus references to heaven and hell in parables. Does this mean they do not exist literally but only in parables? (25:24)
  • Is God a celestial sphere and heaven is in a dimension outside the 5 known spatial dimensions? (28:36)
  • What about sperm and egg banks? Abraham and Sarah using Hagar as a surrogate applies to the use of sperm and egg banks for resolving fertility problems? (39:08)
  • God gives permission to test Job, then Satan kills Job’s children, but what does that say about God and the sanctity of life? (41:47)
  • Jesus teaching that His Father’s house has many mansions John 14 (47:59)
  • Biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage. I am a divorcee living with another divorcee. Trying to figure out if we are ok to get married. Both our other ex-spouses have remarried. Advise. (49:45)