October 01, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • How to react to Christians who purport gemstones, feathers, and gold dust falling from heaven? (0:33)
  • Friend divorced wife because he felt she was not the woman he wanted to be with. Struggle to be friends with him. Recently, he has remarried another woman. How should my church deal with him since he and his new wife attended a service? (6:00)
  • Do we have a choice in salvation? (13:29)
  • Family members tell me the Jerusalem temple must be rebuilt for the future tribulation to take place. Does the Bible back this up? (22:22)
  • Ken Ham w/ Answers in Genesis. What about Ham’s view on young Earth creationism? (30:51)
  • Can you define being unequally yoked? (39:37)
  • Is losing salvation the same as the Lord turning you over to a reprobate mind? (42:20)
  • Are we born into sin? (45:05)