September 7, 2009

Hank addresses Seventh-day Adventist traditionalist who major on aberrant doctrines like soul sleep, Sabbatarianism, and the seer status of Ellen G. White (0:35)


  • Grew up Seventh-day Adventist. Was the Sabbath fulfilled when Christ died? Was not the Sabbath established prior to sin entering the world? (7:05)
  • Are the Sabbath in the 10 Commandments different than the feast days? (9:59)
  • Are there examples of first followers of Christ worshipping on Sunday? (11:57)
  • Thoughts on the teaching of Jack Van Impe? (24:15)
  • Pat Robertson with the 700 Club a prosperity preacher? (30:51)
  • Address the female God depicted in The Shack by William P. Young -(44:20)