October 18, 2010

Hank shares on Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem during the most important week in history (0:31)

Questions / Comments

  • What happens after death? Soul sleep? (3:48)
  • If someone serving in church falls into homosexuality must they step down from ministry? (9:42)
  • I am separated from my wife. I am willing to reconcile. My wife does not. Direction? (12:30)
  • Help explaining the Greek word porneia with someone who think it translates to homosexuality and bestiality but not pornography and adultery (21:44)
  • What about Arnold Murray with the Shepherd’s Chapel? Murray says Eve was impregnated by Satan? Denies the pretribulation rapture? Keep the OT feasts? (25:44)
  • Genesis 1-2 tells us God created other human beings besides Adam and Eve which explains Cain’s wife? (30:37)
  • Son had brain hemorrhage, he is presently in coma, Drs. advised to unplug respirator, family chose to keep son on respirator, we believe it is the Christian thing to do, but others are treating us as if we are doing something wrong, how to respond to critics? (38:58)
  • Ok to work on the Sabbath? Bill Maher says we should execute those who break the Sabbath according to the OT Law. How to resolve this problem? (46:49)