October 29, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Comment on calling unbelievers to “invite” Christ into their life for salvation. Is it better to call unbelievers to have “faith” in Christ? (0:50)
  • The days in Genesis 1 eras rather than a 24 -hour day? Evening and morning imply a 24-hour day? (5:07)
  • What English translation of the Bible is the most accurate (13:00)
  • What is the evidence for the Bible outside of itself? Why is this evidence not being talked about in church? (21:01)
  • Where did Jesus go between death and resurrection? Did He descend into hell to fight with the Devil, led the Old Testament Israel out of hell into heaven? What about the descent into hell in the Apostle Creed? Explain the mix up. (39:13)