November 3, 2010

Comments / Questions

  • Advice on helping husband’s habit of smoking pot. He claims it helps him relax and draw closer to God (3:27)
  • Told the mark of the beast is the Sunday Sabbath and the Roman Catholic Church is going to force all to participate in Sunday worship (8:16)
  • What about IHOP: the International House of Prayer w/ Mike Bickle? (12:31)
  • I use marijuana but I am involved in church. I suffer from ADHD but marijuana helps me function. Would you forbid a woman suffering from cancer form using marijuana for the pain where medical marijuana is legal? (20:58)
  • Having struggles answering the question on how to choose a church denomination? (23:19)
  • How is Jesus Christ both God and the Son of God? (28:42)
  • In 2006 I experienced a terrible allergic reaction followed by a near death experience. What happens between death and resurrection? (39:01)
  • Biblical references on miscarried babes going to heaven? Will they be adults in heaven? (45:47)