November 4, 2010

Hank shares on how The Heart of Christmas Devotional will prepare your heart for the Christmas season (0:36)

Comments / Questions

  • How to respond to someone who thinks the Gospel of Thomas is a lost gospel and is deeply influenced by the writings of Joseph Campbell (2:20)
  • Hank interviews Dr. Richard Poupard on his article “Self-Esteem from a Scalpel: The Ethics of Plastic Surgery” (21:20)
  • If God knows everything, why did he create Lucifer fully knowing he would rebellion? (38:51)
  • If somebody commits the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, can he still be saved? (43:55)
  • What is meant by “you can tell by their fruits”? (44:36)
  • Should we stop praying for blessings because we are already blessed? (47:42)

Video: How Do We Respond to “Lost Gospels:”

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