November 9, 2010

Hank shares on really having the Christmas spirit and meaning of the Christmas spirit (0:37)

Questions / Comments

  • I have trouble with eternal conscious view of Hell and my perspective is annihilationism. What the eternal conscious punishment view on smoke rising forever in Revelation 14? (5:35)
  • Importance of using Yeshua in reference to the Savior and that is the only pronunciation to use? (11:35)
  • Converted from being a Muslim and became a Christian. I was married at the Mosque. Must me and my husband remarry at the Christian church. My husband left me because he did not want to be remarried in a church. (21:09)
  • Please help Americans on the Christians of Iraq — the Assyrian people — since many are ignorant of this fact and Christians homes are being bombed, so there is lots of persecution of Christians in Iraq (24:41)
  • Biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage (38:59)
  • What about the chosen view of R.C. Sproul? Only the elect will be saved? (44:35)
  • The dream of the statue in Daniel. Do the feet represent modern European countries? (48:07)