November 12, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Differences between genealogies in Matthew and Luke (1:02)
  • The Parable of the Sower shows that some seeds grow and then die on account of the condition of the soil, and some say that this means we can lose salvation or fall from grace, but are we not in a unbreakable covenant with God? (4:55)
  • I noticed many have lost their hope in the return of the Lord in rejecting the pretribulation rapture and (10:36).
  • Clarify comments on the book of merit? Is this in Scripture? (21:10)
  • Clarify the 1000 years in Revelation 20. Does it mean thousands of years and not just a thousand?  (28:07)
  • How do I educate myself on the Islamic religion? (38:59)
  • Is there a difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God? (41:55)
  • What about the salvation of those who never heard of Jesus? (43:48)
  • How to convince atheist son that the saints raised in Matthew 27:52 is a historical event? (47:03)