November 29, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • The Nazarene Torah Observers (1:04)
  • Bethel Church of Redding with Bill Johnson and Global Awakening with Randy Clark (4:11)
  • Christ words on the Cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” What is the reason for saying this? (7:54)
  • God showing no favoritism with Peter and Cornelius, but John is called the disciple that Jesus loved; how to resolve this apparent contradiction (10:53)
  • The humanity of our Savior, Jesus 100% divine and 100% human, Jesus could be tempted as a genuine human, is this correct? (13:23)
  • How to tell family members who have married cousins that their behaviors Levitical prohibitions? (22:13)
  • Content on social media, like pornographic material, is offensive. I supervise IT at my church. I am uncomfortable with my church website getting connected to social media. (26:49)
  • When is the apocalypse going to happen? Happened in the past? Will it happen in the future? (38:52)
  • I have trouble with the way people say they forgive others of horrendous offenses like Grace Fabian and the Amish forgiving murderers. (48:16)