September 16, 2009

Hank shares on the importance of essential Christian doctrine can hardly be understated. These are the doctrines that form the line of demarcation between the kingdom of Christ and the kingdom of the cults. Essential Christian doctrine is the North Star by which the course of Christianity is set (0:58)


  • Friend says Jesus is not God but only in unity with God. How to address this error? Asides John 1:1-4, what other Scriptures can I share? (3:48)
  • Dealing with sola Scriptura but the problem of there being so many denominations and how to know who ultimately has authority in interpreting the Scriptures? (11:53)
  • How explain the credibility of believer’s baptism to those convinced of infant baptism? (21:32)
  • How to know whether someone has committed the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? (23:57)
  • What is the Christian perspective on liberation, insurrection, uprising, rebellion, and civilians taking up arms against tyrants, dictators, oppressors and statism? Should Christians be more concerned with the kingdom of Christ than the kingdoms of the world? (29:34)
  • If Bible prophecy is true, does America not supporting Israel put off the fulfillment of Bible prophecy? (39:30)
  • What about Roy Masters with the Foundation of Human Understanding? A cultic teacher? (46:25)
  • Son’s friend into the book of Yahweh and baptizing in the name of Yahweh. What are your thoughts? (48:05)