December 17, 2010

Hank shares on the arrival of the Magi searching to worship the Child in Bethlehem (0:58)

Comments / Questions

  • How to understand the Bible? How to go about reading it? (5:16)
  • Have you ever changed your beliefs over time as the result of God’s leading? (8:07)
  • How long was the earthly ministry of Jesus? 1 year or 3 years? (9:34)
  • Studying the doctrine of the perseverance of the Saints. Pastor said, “Once saved always saved if you are truly saved”? Please comment. (13:04)
  • Friend is attending the United Center for Spiritual Living related to Religious Science (21:11)
  • How do I discover my spiritual gift? (24:34)
  • Someone said my wife has the gift of intercessory prayer. Found the book on intercessory prayer for Dutch Sheets but did not agree with it. Tell me more about Dutch Sheets and his book? (29:15)
  • Kenneth C. Davis reliable historian?  (39:00)
  • What about the story formed way of presenting the gospel? (47:19)