September 17, 2009


  • Ezekiel 28 talks about Lucifer. Did God know Lucifer was going to rebel? How does this square with God’s regret on account of Adam’s fall? (3:10)
  • God wanted to wipe out mankind, the birds, and so forth, and start over with the Flood. Concerning? (5:46)
  • Can salvation be obtained through any other way than Jesus Christ? (8:02)
  • Neighbors are Mormons. How can I be a more effective witness to them? (10:46)
  • Since the real name of God is Yahweh, why is this not taught in church? (20:58)
  • Instead of saying “God forgive me for my sins,” should I say, “Yahweh forgive me for my sins”? (23:48)
  • When were the angels created? (24:50)
  • In John 1:29, why did John the Baptist refer to “sin” in the singular rather than plural? (26:58)
  • Are Kenneth and Gloria Copeland sound teachers? (29:55)
  • What about the practice of receiving a “word of knowledge” observed in churches (39:36)
  • Is the seven-year tribulation coming at the end of time? When will it take place? Has it taken place?  (41:08)
  • What does “he descended” mean in Ephesians 4? Is this referring to hell?  (48:20)