December 20, 2020

Hank and Elliot Miller, Editor-in-Chief of the Christian Research Journal, share on the way the Christian Research Institute is bringing people to salvation but also equipping Christians to be reproducing disciple makers (5:55)

Comments / Questions

  • How is it that Muslims experience blessings if Allah is a false god? (10:35)
  • Hank and Elliot discuss on how the Christian Research Journal is a life transformational resource (21:14)
  • Did dinosaurs co-exist alongside humans? If not, does that mean there was death prior to Adam? Do not freemasons observe occult rituals? How to address politicians who have allegiance to Freemasonry?  (26:15)
  • I heard your comments on Christians not living up to their job description and they are becoming marginalized in modern culture. But did not Jesus come to be with us, He talks more about divorce, not homosexuality, and why do we turn a blind eye to divorce? (38:46)
  • God turning over sinners to a reprobate mind in Romans 1:28. What is a reprobate mind? Can a Christian be turned over to a reprobate mind? (45:08)