December 29, 2010

Hank addresses the problems with the Word of Faith prosperity gospel message which distorts faith to be a force, words containers of the force, and with words we speak into our life prosperity (0:43)

Comments / Questions

  • Are angels able to take on human form? Can Satan and demons do the same? (3:53)
  • Eastern Orthodox friend says Joseph was an elderly man with children from a previous marriage (5:13)
  • How do I obey the tithe per Malachi when I live on fixed income? (7:23)
  • How could Satan tempt Jesus when God had everything? (11:50)
  • What is the Sabbath rest mentioned in the Book of Hebrews? Must we keep the Jewish Sabbath? (20:47)
  • Explain Paul’s message in Acts 19 who speaks to the Ephesian disciples of John the Baptist who never knew of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. (26:27)
  • What is your take on women pastors? (29:37)
  • Hank shares concern over a virulent Zionist movement that rejects Palestinians from being in the Holy Land, many of whom are Christians, but God never plays favorites.