January 3, 2011

Hank reflects on his book Christianity in Crisis and the revised edition Christianity in Crisis 21st Century. He laments on teachers like Morris Cerullo, Benny Hinn Juanita Bynum, Mike Murdock, Ben Cerullo, Grant Jeffrey, Myles Munroe, and others who have prostituted the Christian faith in preaching false doctrines and making false prophecies (0:31)

Questions / Comments

  • Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:6—Why was God worried that man would become too powerful? (12:15)
  • Why did Jude cite the Book of Enoch? (20:43)
  • Who is Arnold Murray? (23:47)
  • Can you give the who, what, when, and why of the doctrine of Hell? How do you bring up the subject of Hell in conversation? (27:46)
  • What is the firmament? (40:09)
  • Daniel 7:13ff – Does this appear to show a separation of Christ and God in the Father at some point in the eternal realm? This connected to Jesus time on the cross saying, “My God… why have you forsaken me?” Is Daniel 7:13 and the crucifixion the point in time when Jesus kingdom was established? (47:43)