January 6, 2011

Hank shares on how nothing compares to the excitement of memorizing of God’s Word. God has told us to write His Word on the tablet of our hearts.  (0:59)

Questions / Comments

  • How old was Joseph at the time of his marriage to the Virgin Mary (2:44)
  • Can you give the origin of the name “Jehovah” (4:26)
  • Kay Arthur w/ Precept. Is she a reliable teacher? (6:12)
  • See many other professing Christians who fall short of living right with God. I do not know what to do. They say they believe but I think they are going to hell. How do are warn to get them to change their bad ways? (7:18)
  • Met a lovely Mormon couple. I don’t expect to change their beliefs. How to I explain to them the problems with Jospeh Smith being a prophet of God? (21:32)
  • Why was Jacob allowed to trick Isaac and steal Esau’s blessing? (38:46)
  • How can we identify false teaching? I felt Joyce Meyer had good teaching but she has become more aligned with the prosperity gospel (41:52)
  • I audibly heard God’s voice. The voice said, “Made in the glory of God.” What do these words mean? (47:05)