January 7, 2011

Hank shares about the Scriptures, and if God has spoken, then we must ask, what has God said? (0:30)

Questions / Comments

  • Reading the Bible through the year. I noticed God appears much angrier in the Old Testament. (2:56)
  • Is not man mortal but given immortality once we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior? (10:09)
  • My denomination teaches infant baptism, but I struggle with this teaching, and I wonder whether the denomination falls within the pale of orthodoxy, and whether adult baptism ought to be normative for the performance of the rite. (20:53)
  • Clarify the eternal sabbath rest in Hebrews 4:8ff (26:55)
  • Who were the men of renown (Nephilim) in Genesis 6:4? (38:44)
  • Friend said Christmas trees are paganistic but is this what is being address in Jeremiah 10:3-5 (41:20)
  • I heard a pastor say that when Christ raptures the church and all those left behind would be doomed and unable to be saved during the tribulation (44:13)