January 13, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • Postmodernism in evangelical colleges. Which ones are not postmodern? (5:07)
  • Have friends who had interest in keeping law, then they explored Messianic Judaism, then they became observant of OT Law, and now they deny deity of Jesus Christ. How to explain why the deity of Christ matters? (7:44)
  • Does a person have a body, soul, and spirit? (11:08)
  • Jesus’ statement “this generation shall not pass away” a failed prophecy? (20:53)
  • I have been under spiritual attack. Lost my parents. I am having graphic nightmares. I crashed my truck. How do I make sense of my suffering? (29:22)
  • Do Messianic Jews deny Jesus Christ is Lord? (39:36)
  • I was told John the Baptist is the Elijah from Malachi. But John denied being Elijah. How to resolve this problem? (42:25)
  • I was watching TV, saw an interview with a man claiming to have met Jesus, being taken to heaven, receiving instructions to do seven things to perform miracles, and seeing his deceased family dog. Is that guy delusional? (48:01)