January 14, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • Who is the Antichrist? (0:40)
  • Is the pretribulation rapture doctrine so foundational that it can affect one’s salvation? (4:08)
  • What happens to the soul of the Christian who commits suicide? (6:43)
  • Is it permissible to pray for the broken children? (9:55)
  • Assistance with my porn addiction since I work at a place where many of my co-workers bring pornographic images into the workplace (14:05)
  • Explain the meaning of the “perfect” regarding spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 14 (20:54)
  • When Moses asked God to blot his name out of His book was this a reference to the Book of Life? (23:18)
  • Is harboring unforgiveness an unpardonable sin that can jeopardize salvation? (27:07)
  • What is the age of the Earth? (38:46)
  • How much is the visionary experiences in Acts 10 is to be taken literal?  (41:41)
  • Does the Bible teach that the Earth is literally set upon pillars? (46:35)