January 27, 2011

Hank shares on the mathematics of spiritual multiplication and the way Christianity can grow exponentially just by leading one person a year with just twelve evangelists and that in less than 30 years the world could be evangelized and even if the population doubled it would only take 1 additional year (0:38)

Questions / Comments

  • Peter mentions the passage in in Acts 2 When was Joel 2 fulfilled? (3:56)
  • Meeting lots of Seventh-day Adventist. One gave me the Great Controversy by Ellen G. White. What about this group? (11:56)
  • My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. How can I find comfort in knowing he will not just become a shell of his former self and all alone? My husband never had a definitive conversion experience, he wonders whether he is really saved, but is all we need is just a heart attitude? (20:53)
  • What happens to the soul after the body dies? (40:28)