January 31, 2011

Hank comments on the USA Today article about Chick-fil-a and their ethics questioned. (0:32)

Questions / Comments

  • Jeremiah 29:11- does it apply to personal struggles and anxiety? (7:42)
  • Psalms 31:10- what was David struggling with? (11:59)
  • What makes your interpretation Bible condemning homosexuality is correct? Was not the Bible written by man and its view of homosexuality is incorrect? (21:00)
  • Is Apostolic church Christian? They do not believe in the Trinity and baptize in Jesus Name only. Ok for a Christian to marry someone who is committed to the Apostolic church and beliefs? (38:51)
  • What happens when a Christian dies? Soul Sleep? (41:11)
  • Where in the Bible does it teach Trinitarian baptism? (49:10)