Hank shares a word on wisdom (0:28)

Questions / Comments

  • What about the Urantia Book? (1:50)
  • Where does gambling stand in the Christian life? (4:53)
  • Became a Christian at a very young age. Committed a sin a long time ago, but I am too ashamed to share about it with my husband, but in not sharing about it, I feel as if I am lying to my husband. I am scared. I feel like I am perpetually lying. (8:37)
  • Have an agnostic friend whose daughter converted to Mormonism. What can I do to help the Mormon daughter read the Bible? (20:50)
  • Are we saved by our works or by grace through faith? (26:50)
  • What about prosperity gospel teachers like Benny Hinn and Paula White? How are they affecting Christianity? (30:47)
  • What about the pretribulation rapture? (40:38)
  • Discussing John 1:1 with Jehovah’s Witnesses. (43:44)
  • Is water baptism absolutely necessary to be saved (47:45)