July 31, 2009

Hank shares concerns on many Christians being driven into the Word of God without having sense about how to read the Bible for all its worth. He mentions many listening to the nonsense on the Web about Barack Obama being the Antichrist. Hank points out that there are problems with Obama’s teachings and policies, as stated clearly and emphatically on other occasions, but he does not want to drag Christ name through the mud by associating Obama with a passage in the Bible like Luke 10:18. What has been circulating is another version of a Bible Code, wherein you are reading a mystical embedded meaning into the text that the text says nothing about. If you read the context of Luke 10, the very people who try to associate Barack Obama with that passage will be ruled out of court. Hank warns against misreading Scripture and then reading sophistry, sloppy journalism, Scriptorture, and sensationalism into the text.


  • How to refute Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door? (5:35)
  • Mormon visited and denied Satan being the spirit brother of Jesus Christ and that Christ is a created being. How respond to the denial (11:52)
  • Jesus says that spirits not having flesh and bone (Lk. 24:39). How to address mother claim to see the deceased loved ones and whether Satan can appear as an apparition (22:06)
  • Is Mark chapter 16 part of the original Gospel of Mark? (39:41)
  • Mark 16:15 means to preach gospel to every creature like birds, cats and dogs? (41:03)
  • Dreaming about deceased who are in torments. Do we pray for God to release deceased in torments? (43:04)
  • Roman Catholic teaching on purgatory (47:04)
  • Advice on witnessing to mother who has stopped going to church (48:47)