February 8, 2011

Hank shares on the importance of learning and practicing the literal principle of biblical interpretation. (0:33)

Questions / Comments

  • Cutting off the foot that causes one to stumble in Mark 9:45-47. When the alcoholic removes the alcohol from his life, he is never really be physically maimed, but does this not contradict Jesus’ teaching? (5:35)
  • Having a conversation with someone who thinks “once saved always saved” is from the pit of hell. How to respond? (10:33)
  • Can a Christian divorcee remarry another Christian? Is this a sin? (13:08)
  • A Christian Zionist said Israel was promise the land, the covenant has not changed, so when Christ returns, we will have the return of rebuilt temple with animal sacrifices, and under the OT Law (21:15)
  • The Anabaptist tradition, particularly the Amish-Mennonite faith, are these churches within the pale of orthodoxy (38:59)
  • A coworker mentioned a women created out of sand and given to Satan as a wife. Her name was Lilith? (44:42)
  • Is the trinity an essential doctrine? (48:06)