February 9, 2011

Questions / Answers

  • What is the scriptural basis for determining family size (4:56).
  • What is reading the Bible for all its worth? (9:00)
  • Does the parable of the wheat and tares apply to gays in the church, Muslims, and other people we disagree with? (11:37)
  • Was King David the Chief Priest during his reign? (22:06)
  • Must you be baptized to go to heaven? (23:40)
  • Helping a seven-year-old to understand what happens after death. (26:00)
  • How to address the arguments about wives submitting to husbands and husbands submitting to wives? (30:02)
  • What the Bible says about sex? Is the biblical reference to “feet” an innuendo about sex with implications regarding Mary washing the feet of Jesus? (39:07)
  • Three men who visited in Genesis 18. Was one of the three God? Did they all speak in sync with one another? Is another of the three Jesus and the third the Holy Spirit?  (42:27)
  • The gathering of the elect with the trumpet call in Matthew 24:31. What event does this refer? (46:50)