February 15, 2011

Hank shares on date setting being the bane of modern-day controversialist with the primary example being the May 21, 2011 prediction of Harold Camping.

Questions / Comments

  • What denomination holds the same theology as you? What about respected teachers like Erwin Lutzer, John Macarthur, and Ed Young who hold to the pretribulation rapture? What religion holds your theology? (6:58)
  • Adress becoming unclean for touching a woman with menstrual flow and even the things she touches as unclean discussed in Leviticus 15:19 & 23 (21:06)
  • Why did Jesus choose only 12 apostles? (31:06)
  • What about Peter Popoff? (39:15)
  • Are we being misled with false answers from teachers like Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar? How to discern who is a false teacher? (41:18)