February 17, 2011

Hank asks listeners the question: Have you been transformed into a joyful giver? (0:40)

Questions / Comments

  • Is the tithe for today? If a Christian does not give 10% of her gross income, is she in disobedience to God and subject to divine punishment? (20:44)
  • Are we under the dietary laws in Leviticus? (25:11)
  • Did the OT permit polygamy? Why ok for David and Solomon to have multiple wives? (26:59)
  • If tithing is like training wheels for giving, why cannot the OT dietary laws be training wheels for a proper diet? (31:20)
  • Having a right heart in seeking God. I am pounding at the door and the door does not open? I am weak. I want a God changing moment like the Apostle Paul had on the road to Damascus. I want to serve God as a Christian but I do not feel like I love the Lord. What’s stopping me feeling that relationship? (39:08)