February 18, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • My in-laws are Roman Catholics who believe in purgatory (0:38)
  • Sharing my faith with my unbelieving family members. Wife is hostile to Christianity, but I want to share my faith with my children. (5:06).
  • Michael the Arcangel debating with Satan over the body of Moses in Jude 9. Why the debate? Was Jude referring to a written source outside the Bible? (9:13)
  • What about the International House of Prayer with Mike Bickle? (13:13)
  • What is the difference between apostate and heretic? (22:57)
  • If you are saved when you accept Jesus in your heart, what happens when the Christian gets baptized? (25:07)
  • Can you explain to me about Judgment Day? If our sins are forgotten, why is God going to judge Christians? (27:50)
  • Explain Peter’s vision regarding the eating of animals. (39:41)
  • Are there different levels of heaven? (43:14)
  • What about the Chrislam movement? (46:33)