February 24, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • Hebrews 6:4-6 means we lose salvation for rejecting Christ? (2:34)
  • How do we know the assembly of angels and Satan took place in the Book of Job? (9:01)
  • The same thing (abomination of desolations) talked about in Book of Daniel and Mark 13:14? (21:06)
  • I encountered a UFO, which spurred me to start reading and studying the Bible. Genesis 6 talk about angels cohabitating with women. This is in the Book of Enoch. Are these demon/human hybrids in the world and influencing the government? (26:54)
  • Is Charles Spurgeon a reliable teacher? (30:38)
  • If marriage is between one man and one woman per Genesis 2:24, why were some in the Bible like David and Solomon allowed to have multiple wives? (40:11)