March 1, 2011

Hank shares on being Christ’s ambassador (1:19)

Questions / Comments:

  • Is it ok for Christians to get tattoos? (6:20)
  • Ghost Hunters show: Are the events recorded really happening? Is this demonic activity? (8:02)
  • Why was man forbidden to eat from the Tree of Knowledge? (9:44)
  • What are the seven angels, two witnesses, 42 weeks, and 3 ½ years in the Book of Revelation? (23:02)
  • What is giving what is holy to dogs and casting your pearls before swine? (28:12)
  • Where do we find Purgatory in the Bible? (38:42)
  • What does it mean to take communion in an unworthy manner? (42:11)
  • Can Christians lose salvation? Do those who renounce Christianity still have eternal security? (48:12)