March 3, 2021

Hank responds to a letter from a Roman Catholic constituent on the doctrine of purgatory (2:14)

Questions / Comments

  • Do infants who die go to heaven? (7:03)
  • Address the Roman Catholic practice of Confession (21:03)
  • If you are having a battle over faith, does God know you believe even when you doubt your beliefs? (25:02)
  • I read a document that indicated the mass death of over 7000 Bald Eagles that happened is a sign of the fall of America and proof that the Rapture will happen soon (27:40)
  • Address the Ransom Theory of Atonement as it applies to recovering addicts who talk about breaking free from the imprisonment of demons as taught in deliverance spiritual warfare (38:53).
  • Jesus declaring all foods clean in Mark 7:19- Does it address dietary laws? (49:31)