March 4, 2021

Hank shares on the illumination principle on reading the Bible for all its worth and critiques the Bill Maher’s flawed fundamentalist wooden literal interpretation of the talking snake in the Book of Genesis (0:52).

Questions / Comments

  • Was polygamy, plural marriage, and concubinage ever acceptable by God at one period? (7:45)
  • What about life after death? What happens to those who die without Christ? Where does the Bible say they have eternal condemnation? (11:49)
  • The word “destruction” is that not total annihilation? (14:14)
  • 8-year-old asks whether Roman Catholics go to heaven (22:08)
  • Addressing Jehovah’s Witnesses and the NWT rendering of John 1:1. How to present the Christian position? (24:47)
  • Reading a Smith Wigglesworth devotion. I am troubled about what he teaches on healing? Is he for real? (31:23)
  • What does it mean to be created “in the image of God?” (41:10)
  • Beatitude in Revelation 22:14. Is it supposed to read blessed are those who do the commandments or those who wash their robes? (45:26)