September 28, 2009

Hank shares a testimonial from a Bible Answer Man listener who was help through some difficult times and gave him hope to not give up on living (0:38). Conversely, Hank points out the challenges of speaking out the truth without trying to be politically correct. He recollects speaking out against Earl Paulk for false teachings of people being “little gods” with the same divine nature as God, and for speaking out against Paulk, Paul Crouch uttered threats against Hank (4:29). Hank shares on the need to speak out against false teachings because of the lies they destroy and mentions how one caller lost a loved one who became caught up denying symptoms of sickness to receive faith healing (7:53). Hank also notes that Joel Osteen teaching faith is a force, words are containers of the force, and through the force of faith you create your own reality. So, what you say is what you get, which is akin to the New Thought Metaphysics taught by Rhonda Byrne in the Secret (9:41)

Questions / Topics

  • Pastor and church follow the deliverance ministry model of Bob Larson. Why does Luke 13:10-7 refer to someone being crippled by a spirit? (11:53)
  • Book of Revelation referring “soon” and “near” but how does that apply to what is stated about the new heavens and new earth? (23:44)
  • Can a Christian be demon possessed? If not, how to explain Christians struggling with pornography and drug addiction? What is the difference between drugs, pornography and demonic possession? (41:01)