March 7, 2011

Hank shares on Ash Wednesday and the reality of the biblical account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ (0:45)

Questions / Comments:

  • Someone received a Word of Knowledge about preaching the gospel to a Roman Catholic man dying of cancer and that man being healed and saved. How to respond? (5:20)
  • The New International Perversion by Terry Watkins (10:53)
  • My wife left me. I have three children. I had a vasectomy. In the future, can I remarry and reverse my vasectomy? (22:52)
  • What is your general view on Eckhart Tolle? (25:36)
  • Why is Judas portrayed in the Bible as such a horrible person? Is not Jesus the most important disciple for had he not betrayed Christ then the Lord would not have been crucified and how could God force Judas to be the betrayer? (27:32)
  • I do marriage counseling. In a counseling session, should I tell cohabitating couples that they are doing something wrong or hold off on that topic? (39:06)
  • Thoughts on The Committee of 300 by John Colemen (45:25)
  • What is the biblical definition prophecy and a prophetic word? (49:20)