March 8, 2011

Questions / Comments:

  • Son fell away from the faith. He is upset with God. He thinks God is an egomaniacal who creates us and allows us to sin. He does not agree with the counter arguments for God creating humans with freewill and the nature of divine love. He continues to maintain the God is egomaniacal error. How to respond? (1:59)
  • Is using Ouija boards dangerous? (20:43)
  • I see nowhere in the Bible that we have free will? How can you say we can choose? (22:58)
  • What is the meaning of he descended and led a host of captives in Ephesians 4:8? (26:55)
  • What about the Seventh-day Adventist, Ellen G. White, and the Investigative Judgment? (30:30)
  • What about the teachings of Watchman Nee, the Normal Christian Life, and Witness Lee? I am uncertain about the Local Church teaching on the laity and clergy. (39:00)
  • I came across stories of people having strange experiences like unexplained scratches . Can demons inflict physical harm? (44:08)
  • Address the protest at military funerals led by Fred Phelps with Westboro Baptist Church (47:21)