March 14, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • Address Abraham’s bosom, the resurrection, and the saints raised in Matthew 27. (3:12)
  • 9-year-old daughter saw two women kissing. She asked about it, but we were unable to give a good response. (11:15)
  • What is the age of the Earth? (21:03)
  • My neighbor shot his wife then committed suicide. Will he go to heaven or hell? I do not know if he received Jesus as Lord and Savior. (24:42)
  • If there is no sorrow and weeping in heaven, how will we react to other unbelieving family members who are not in the present with the Lord, and given what I know of them, will they suffer in the same Hell as Hitler? (29:14)
  • How to respond to a skeptic who asks, “If predestination in Romans 8:29-30 and Ephesians 1:45 is true, what is the purpose of going to church?” (38:48)
  • What about the Church of Christ? Is the Church of Christ way of baptism necessary for salvation? (44:28)