March 18, 2011

Hank shares on children of evangelicals are leaving their Christian faith en masse (0:47)

Questions / Comments

  • Are we saved just by just confessing Jesus as Savior, or is baptism needed for salvation? (4:23)
  • Child being born and a rebirth of a nation in Isaiah 66:7-8 refers to the formation of modern-day Israel? (7:05)
  • When Peter went to the house of Cornelius and people received the Holy Spirit, but there were many others who received the baptism of John the Baptist. When the Holy Spirit received? (20:59)
  • I am a divorcee, and I remarried another divorcee, but does that wipe out the old marriages, and are we worry that we are living in sin everyday? (28:37)
  • Are we going to actually live upon Earth after the Judgment? (31:24)
  • Jesus tells the thief he will be in paradise in Luke 23:43. What happens when we die? Do we sleep? (38:48)