March 21, 2011

Hank shares on how words are never univocal (having only a single meaning) but they are equivocal (having multiple meanings). This is vital in answering the question: Who is Jesus? (0:44)

Questions / Comments

  • Pilate washing his hands sign of feeling guilty or justifying his action? (2:32)
  • The New Testament, such as Romans and Galatians, indicates God having only one people, but people talk about the new covenant as the time when Gentiles were added. How is the new covenant different than the old covenant? (6:01)
  • What about the Christian practice of holy yoga? (10:41)
  • Why did Paul tell Timothy to be circumcised but not Titus? (24:04)
  • What is the perfect in 1 Corinthians 13? Refers to the Word, i.e., the Bible? Tongues ceases with the Canon? (25:51)
  • Help me understand the Word of Faith movement? (29:21)
  • What about the monvee spiritual growth tool? (43:30)
  • Do Christians who commit suicide still go to heaven? What to say to someone who has a love one that committed suicide? (45:55)