March 23, 2011

Hank share on the Holy City and the present end-time emphasis being placed on the modern state of Israel (0:41)

Questions / Comments

  • You have amazing knowledge, and I think it has been revealed to you (3:43)
  • I am scared about Islam. Is it a religion or a cult? (5:15)
  • Where does the Bible forbid sex and conceiving a child prior to marriage? (9:25)
  • What about the Russian Orthodox Church? My wife is Russian Orthodox. I wonder about their claim to be the only true Church and about their salvation? (13:22)
  • Joseph Smith’s first vision. Is not it like Paul’s vision of Christ on the road to Damascus? (22:02)
  • My friend participates in deliverance meetings. What are your thoughts? (38:42)
  • I need to find God’s will for my life? I drive a truck and find myself unable to attend church. I feel like I am lost. (44:30)
  • I am dealing with drunkenness in Galatians 5:16 and 1 Corinthians 6:9. Should I stop interacting with an alcoholic or continue ministering to him? (48:28).