September 29, 2009

Hank shares on Jesus’ arrest and trial before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin, and the meaning of the Lord’s testimonial about being the Son of Man coming upon the clouds in judgment. Hank also shares on Jesus’ prophecy concerning Peter’s thrice denial of the Christ.

Preview of the Word of Promise Complete Bible (0:53).

Hank Interviews Rebecca St. James, who plays the servant girl on Word of Promise Complete Bible. Rebecca shares on why she became part of this audio Bible project (5:48). Rebecca shares on the concept of the Word of God washing us and being careful about adopting worldly mindsets (7:02).

Rebecca shares on the necessity to know the biblical characters and putting God honoring ideas into our minds (8:26). Rebecca shares on what it is like to be in Hollywood as an ambassador for Jesus Christ (9:45). Rebecca shares on her role in the movie Sarah’s Choice (11:30).


  • If in heaven there is no pain and suffering, will Christians with less heavenly rewards be less happy? (22:16)
  • Have you read with Randy Alcon’s book on rewards? (31:15)
  • Sister is possibly bi-polar or schizophrenic. She is bi-sexual, and unwed with three children. How to deal with her? (31:56)
  • Conflicted with shaking dust feet off in Matt. 10:9-15 yet living is peace with others in Rm. 12:9-21, particularly with getting along with my sister who I have trouble getting along with (42:06)
  • The biblical parable of the prodigal son and the Joseph story illustrates humility and reconciliation. Should I only wait to reconcile when the one I am having trouble with enters into a place for reconciliation? (44:17)
  • Is it necessary for a speaker to be entertaining or interesting for the Word of God to be efficacious for conversion ? (48:49)

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