March 24, 2011

Questions / Comments

  • My son lost his virginity. How do I speak to him about sex outside of marriage? (2:44)
  • If the pretribulation rapture happens, when will all the Christians left behind on Earth get their resurrected bodies? (10:27)
  • Divorce and remarriage: I divorced. I committed adultery after that. I have since remarried. Am I in perpetual adultery and headed to hell? Must I divorce my current wife and live the remainder of my life in celibacy? (21:01)
  • What is the biblical definition of an idol? (28:29)
  • I am having trouble feeling close to God and now I do not believe in God anymore. I did lots of things to be a faithful Christian. But I do not feel God anymore. (31:08)
  • Explain John’s measuring the temple in Revelation 11?  (44:48)
  • Define the term “Jew” from an Old Testament and New Testament perspective? Explain a Jew outwardly? (48:42)