March 30, 2011

Questions / Comments:

  • My wife attended Morning Star associated w/ Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, and Todd Bentley. We disagree on the legitimacy of modern-day prophets (2:25)
  • 1 Samuel 28: Did the medium really bring up Samuel? (9:44)
  • How to make sense of not seeing God in 1 John 4:12, Exodus telling of Moses talking with God face to face, and God placing hand over Moses to not see Him (11:43)
  • Is Ya-hah-wah the proper pronunciation for YHWH and Ye-ha-shua-ha-ma-she-ach the proper pronunciation of Jesus? Modern pronunciations came from pagan religions? (21:55)
  • What is the state after death? Sleep? Are we conscious after death? (28:07)
  • Explain Genesis 31 on Jacob wrestling with God and meaning of seeing God face to face? (39:06)
  • What is a good resource on the end times? (43:18)
  • Can people change their destiny? Are we in control of our destiny? (46:34)
  • Address those on a Holy Spirit high who say the Bible is old, past, and gone away. A friend says he has no need to go to church anymore as a cocooning process. Can God give us new divine revelation? (49:03)