March 31, 2011

Hank shares on his trip to China and seeing many come to faith in Jesus Christ and receive baptism (0:40)

Questions / Comments

  • What is our biblical responsibility to the modern state of Israel? (6:48)
  • Listen to a debate on the Trinity vs. Oneness Pentecostal. I’m confused. What are your insights?  (21:02)
  • I heard a teaching that homosexuality is ok because procreation in the present day is no longer needed as opposed to the initial command to be fruitful and multiply given to Adam and Eve. I heard another teacher say homosexuality could be a generational curse.  (31:21)
  • My friend received the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues. Are not all Christians filled with the Spirit? Is being filled with the Spirit and speaking in tongues biblical? (39:33)
  • When Jesus said, “My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me,” but was the Father and Son separated at that moment? How can there be a three-in-one? (43:42)